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The old promotion that you must hire the largest company in the marketplace and have them sell your home for you has been turned upside down by the "housing crisis". So many new requirements have been added to the homebuyer and homeseller's agenda that it is now a time for experienced agents to help you navigate the details.


Relocation Connection has been operating as a team since 1995. Our expertise includes helping home buyers an sellers find that home of their dreams and find unique selling solutions no matter what the circumstances. It is in these times of many distressed sales that this expertise has served homeowners well. We are experienced in short sales, loan modifications and other workout solutions that afford homeowners some releif from distressed situations.


Greg Jarvis has served as a Housing Counselor with the Indiana Foreclosure Prevention Network, as well as a Home Retention Consultant for a number of lenders since 2005. These experiences helping families keep their homes have given us a road map to follow to helping even more consumers. While the process of either keeping or selling distressed properties is a complicated one, it has been a blessing to see how completing a short sale or loan modification relieves the financial pressure on the family..


It is to your advantage to seek out someone who has experience, not just take the first solicitation from an "expert" that you receive. Our expertise is proven, and keeping up with the changing programs offered by lenders is of value to you as a homeowner.


It is also of value to investors seeking to build a portfolio of homes. We need buyers as well as sellers to re-start a healthy, active housing market. So, call us and we'll start a conversation about how we can meet your real estate needs.

imageServices We Offer
  • The Home You Want: We want you to find the home that's right for you. We will only find and offer you homes with your particular needs in mind. We will not waste your time with "slow movers" or "high profit" homes in our portfolio.

  • New Home Buying: Help our clients determine a fair offer to make on new homes. Aid with home inspection to find any possible future problems with your new home purchase.

  • Current Home Value: We will help determine the value of your home in today's market. We want you to get the most out of your investment.

  • Market & Feasibility Studies: Help determine how quickly, and for what price, your current home will sell.

  • Finance & Mortgage: We can help you find the best value and rates for your new home loan.

  • Insurance Finding: We can assist with finding the right insurance company and policy for your new home.

  • Appraisal to Negotiations: We are there for our clients for both home sales and home purchasing. From the start of the process to after all contracts are signed and beyond.